UNREDD Nesting Campaign

Developing the design and concept of using photos in the field and bringing them to life through animation as a part of the UNREDD Nesting campaign. The animation was used in an effort to build awareness around Nesting and further inform policy makers in SE Asia.

UNDP Climate Resilient Regional Dialogue

Creating sketchnotes live during the three day conference on climate resilience, hosted by UNDP, Thailand. The visual summaries represented the presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions.

UNDP Sketchnotes on display

Role UK Rebranding Project

Strengthening branding and identity as Role UK promote and distribute materials for further stakeholder engagement and community outreach.

Role UK Stationary Role UK Infographic

Mango Meter the Feminist Film App

Promoting the features of this unique application through animation. The project was facilitated by FES in an effort to offer an alternative to traditional film review platforms.

The HIV/AIDS Alliance E-learning Portal

Adapting and developing interactive, user focused environments for learners to access via the Moodle E-learning portal.

Icons for Development Projects

Working within development, I have been building a variety of icons that communicate the various nouns that are often common but not always easy to find for the non profit sector. You can download 25 of these icons for free here.

Icon pack

BBC World Correspondant Promo

Editing this promotional piece for BBC world news presenter, Yalda Hakim. From sourced footage and audio, this video was used to showcase her best pieces of work.

Social Enterprise Branding + Training

Creating a custom brand identity along with training materials for a dynamic startup working with young people. The training gave the team tools and resources in upholding a strong brand identity. View the brand guidelines here.